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Banana Cream Smoothies

What You'll Need
3 Extra ripe frozen bananas
1⁄2 Cup frozen pineapple juice
1⁄2 Cup low fat vanilla yogurt

Kitchen Tools You'll Need
1 Plastic knife
1 Vegetable peeler
1 Measuring cup
1 Large spoon
Electric blender or food processor (adult supervision needed)
Small spoons
Small cups

What To Do
1. Put frozen bananas under hot running water for 5 seconds.
2. Gently scrape off peel with vegetable peeler or knife.
3. Cut bananas into small pieces and put into blender or food processor.
4. Add fruit juice and yogurt. Blend until smooth, about 30 seconds.
5. Put mixture into small paper cups.

Serving Suggestions
Freeze cup for two hours for a nice frozen treat!!!

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 4 ounces
Calories: 175
Carbohydrates: 42 grams
Protein: 3 grams
Fat: 1 gram